Dirty Hands (not a X-mas song)

Here’s the final single of this year. A fast, angry song called Dirty Hands. If you hate feeling jolly and prefer pissed off and lonely this is the song for you.

-Bjorn’s clean singing: This is the first time (but not the last) that Bjorn does clean vocals on a Thungur recording. It’s barely audible but pay attention during the last chorus and you might hear that the synth is doubled with real vocals.
-Leaf blower outro: We wanted some kind of noise during the outro. While taking a break from mixing Bjorn found the perfect sound. A couple of workers nearby were operating what can only be described as oversized leaf blowers that sounded almost like big propeller engines. Bjorn recorded it to his phone, went back to the studio and imported it to the song.


Here is the second of our new songs. It’s called Bombs and is on the softer side (for the most part). It’s available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music etc. today.

Fun facts
-Not a lyric video: Bombs were supposed to be a lyric video, just like Landslide, but we found the lyrics a bit distracting and removed them.
-Strings: Bombs features Hedda Heiskanen and Per Tidstrand of Orquesta Tangarte on violin and cello. They will appear more in future songs.
-Riff sustainability: Like in Landslide, we used something from earlier in the song as a basis for the interlude. The heavy riff that starts around 2.35 is a syncopated version of the verse riff.