New songs! (Be the first to know)

The release of our new music is very near! We’re finally ready to show what we’ve been up to the last 6 months! It’s been a challenging time. We’ve stepped out of our comfort zone and some songs are vastly different from previous releases.

We’ll start off by releasing a series of monthly singles. Subscribers to our newsletter will recieve an exclusive link to every song before they are made public.

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New Video

Here is a new video from our latest album. It’s entirely made by Roger (with a little help from friends, family and band members) and we think he did a great job.

We are busy writing new songs. We worked with a handful of ideas during the summer, but scrapped most of them when Roger got hit by “the autumn muse” a few weeks ago. We now have around a dozen new songs nearly completed. The plan is to start with preproduction early next year.