Here is the second of our new songs. It’s called Bombs and is on the softer side (for the most part). It’sĀ available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music etc. today.

Fun facts
-Not a lyric video: Bombs were supposed to be a lyric video, just like Landslide, but we found the lyrics a bit distracting and removed them.
-Strings: Bombs features Hedda Heiskanen and Per Tidstrand of Orquesta Tangarte on violin and cello. They will appear more in future songs.
-Riff sustainability: Like in Landslide, we used something from earlier in the song as a basis for the interlude. The heavy riff that starts around 2.35 is a syncopated version of the verse riff.


Here is the first of our new songs. A “progressive-disco-rock” tune called Landslide. It’s available on YouTube and all major streaming platforms. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to hear future releases before they are made public.

Fun facts
-More cowbell: The cowbell during the second half of the verses is a part of Andreas’ drum pattern, but the microphones didn’t pick it up enough, so Bjorn had to do an extra overdub … So there are TWO cowbells.
-The phone effect: Kristjan’s phrase “We’re going to Mars” during the choruses is recorded through an actual telephone. No cheating here …
-Mars sounds: There are real sound recordings from Mars available on NASAs home page. We avoided this rabbit hole due to time constraints. The sounds that we used are quite similar anyway. But who knows; perhaps the album version might feature actual Mars sounds?
-Recycling: We’re all about sustainability, so the middle part of the song is a variation of the guitar melody from the first half of the chorus (but adapted to 7/4 time signature).

Happy listening!